Nurturing Knowledge Preschools operate year round (July to June) Reggio Emilia-inspired programs. Our approach shares the same philosophy of early learning that has emerged from the pioneering collective work of a group of schools in Reggio Emilia, Italy.



Because we capitalize on the children’s interests and empower them to take an active role, we find children are emotionally invested in their own learning, are willing to explore in-depth, and are able to reach deeper levels of understanding. For children, a child-centered curriculum just feels like fun.

Inquiry-Based Project Approach

Children and teachers explore in-depth the interests and ideas generated by the children. Teachers provide materials, help children identify their hypotheses, and then work in collaboration with the children to pursue a course of study. Teachers add provocations and challenges that encourage the children to take their learning to deeper and deeper levels.

Emergent Curriculum

Our child-centered curriculum is actualized through an emergent curriculum model. Children co-create their learning objectives and goals together with teachers, who work as researchers alongside the children. They carefully listen to the interests of the children, assisting each child in defining their questions as a place to begin investigations and express their knowledge.

Documented Learning

Documenting children’s learning is a critical part of our curriculum process. Throughout the day at Nurturing Knowledge School, teachers are documenting children’s words through dictation and children’s actions through photographs. Teachers then compile this information into a child’s portfolio, documenting achievements and milestones in each child’s development.