At Nurturing Knowledge School, we are committed to providing career opportunities for early childhood educators who are passionate about being innovative and reflective in their work with children, supporting families, and collaborating professionally with a team of teachers.

We offer a generous benefits package that includes a competitive salary, paid time off, medical pay, paid holiday, and retirement package. Nurturing Knowledge School supports a work-life balance that values family, health and creativity. Our teachers are amply supported in the ongoing development of their careers and teaching practices through mentorship, teacher workshops, professional conferences, leadership opportunities, and a thriving, educated community of colleagues.



We actively seek out educators who embody these values in three ways:

They are HEARTFELT, and exemplify caring in their work and in their attitude towards students, families, and faculty.

They have PASSION for children, for education, and for empowering students to be all they can be.

They take OWNERSHIP of their classrooms, and of the immense responsibility of shaping their students’ educations.

If you are interested in a career with Nurturing Knowledge School, please contact us at: