Children are powerful.

We believe when given the support to make their own educated decisions, their natural inquisitiveness will lead them to engage in experiences where learning is a natural product of their fun. That’s why we allow the daily decisions children make to chart their education.

Here is a sampling of activities children engage in throughout any given day:

  • Drop-Off & Arrival: Children and parents greet teachers and each other and settle into the classroom.
  • Morning Circle: Children share in a large group conversation and singing and dancing.
  • Outside Time: Intentional time for gross motor activities, fresh air, and natural science explorations.
  • Small Group: Developmentally focused projects and investigations.
  • Free Choice: Mixed-age explorations in which children can choose activities and materials throughout the classroom.
  • Lunch: Whole-class social time with focus on conversation and self-help skills.
  • Literacy: Developmentally focused small group time for hands-on, play-based explorations of reading and writing.
  • Pick-Up: Children say goodbye to teachers and each other and go home.