This is a photo of all the teachers and administrators at Nurturing Knowledge Preschool

We believe that the most powerful and successful learning experiences are forged collaboratively amongst children, teachers and parents. We see deeply connected relationships between teachers, children and families as central to the highest success of children’s learning. Our Nurturing Knowledge School teaching team is comprised of 37 teachers, who are dedicated, experienced and passionate about early childhood education.

Your Classroom Teaching Team

Each classroom is comprised of two lead teachers, an assistant teacher and a dedicated mentor teacher. Our Education Director works directly with each teaching team, to support and facilitate each of our programs.

Professional Development

We believe in providing teachers ample planning time to develop curriculum, reflect on goals, create assessment and communicate with colleagues and parents. Our Teaching Teams meet weekly to reflect on children’s growth and build curriculum together. Mentor Teachers and our Education Director provide our teachers professional development opportunities which further develop teaching strategies that fuel their own love of learning.

Parent-Teacher Partnership

We recognize each family as a unique member of our learning community. We appreciate and encourage active parental/family involvement in all of our programs. We consider parents to be our teaching partners and coordinate learning experiences at home and school.

Meet our Education Director

My name is Lisa Skylynd (Teacher Skylynd); I am the Education Director at Nurturing Knowledge School. I have been active in the early childhood field since 1990. I earned both B.S. and M.S. in early childhood education/child development at The Ohio State University. I have supported young children, their families, and teachers in the roles of director, training & curriculum specialist, preschool teacher, and university instructor. I believe children thrive in an engaging, active-learning environment. You can expect your child to participate in a variety of creative and fun activities and be involved in projects that evolve in complexity over time. I also believe that it is imperative to focus on children’s social and emotional understanding, so they build strong self-esteem and create a large repertoire of positive strategies to flourish as they move forward in life.