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Child-Centered Preschool Curriculum

Child-Centered Curriculum means children take command of their own learning. Teachers are there to provide support and facilitate the child’s learning but children determine the direction of their own learning following their natural curiosities, interests and passions.

Child-Centered Curriculum is hands-on, active learning

Children co-create their learning objectives and goals together with teachers. Because we capitalize on the children’s interests and empower them to take an active role, we find children are emotionally invested in their own learning. When children are emotionally invested, they are willing to explore in-depth and are able to reach deeper levels of understanding. For children, child-centered curriculum just feels like fun! Our child-centered curriculum is actualized through an Emergent Curriculum model.

Click here for more details on Emergent Curriculum.

Horizontal versus Vertical Learning

At Nurturing Knowledge School, we are cognizant of providing both a wide breadth of experiences for children while at the same time being mindful to create a depth of learning over time. In this way, we are supporting opportunities for growth across all areas of development.

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